Moment US Confederate Statue Removed From Daubed Base

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorMichael Leidig,AgencyCentral European News


This is the moment a statue of US confederate general Stonewall Jackson is removed from its heavily-daubed monument as hundreds of activists whoop and applaud.

Hundreds reportedly flocked to the intersection at Monument Avenue and Arthur Ashe Boulevard in the city of Richmond in the US state of Virginia to see the statue removed on 1st July.

Many crowd members told local media they were pleased to see the confederate statue of General Stonewall Jackson removed, and one woman said she rushed to the scene because her ancestors used to be slaves and she wanted to witness it in their honour.

Jennifer Simmons said: “I’m here for my great-grandfather who was a slave. I’m here for my grandfather and my great-great-grandfather.

“I’ve done all of my genealogical history, so I decided to be out here for them today.


Lindsey Dombert told reporters: “I don’t think it’s going to solve all the issues in our city or in our nation, but it’s a huge, monumental day. I think just seeing the start of this process is amazing and it gives me a lot of hope in our city.”

David Randolph said: “We have a bunch of people out here, brothers and sisters that don’t look like me, and they’re making a difference. It’s finally mainstream, people are able to see it and that it’s time to do something.”

However, not everyone was happy at seeing a piece of history removed and one crowd member claimed that such monuments bring tourism to the city.

The man, identified as Bob, told reporters: “Tourism is a big business in Richmond, and most people that come here come for the Civil War.

“So is our new motto going to be ‘Come to Richmond and see our empty pedestals’?”