Stolen Phone Rings In Thiefs Sock As Cop Quizzes Him

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This is the moment a hapless man suspected of stealing a woman’s mobile phone on a train is left grasping at straws when it suddenly begins ringing in his sock while a cop quizzes him.

The passenger, surnamed Ke, is accused of lifting the mobile phone after its owner, surnamed Wang, left it charging under her train seat.

The incident took place on Chinese high-speed train G492 bound for Beijing West Railway Station from Nanchang West Railway Station.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

CCTV images show Wang and her daughter leaving their seats to use the loo when the opportunistic crook swoops in, allegedly unplugging it and slipping it into his left sock.

Wang later reported to the train guard that her phone had been stolen, and on-board policeman Li Guanchao began a car-to-car search for potential suspects.

The cop’s body camera footage shows him coming across Ke, who authorities say “seemed nervous” and “deliberately avoided eye contact”.

As Li is questioning Ke, the faint sounds of a ringing mobile phone can be heard, leading the officer and train guard to do a body search.

Ke denies throughout that he has taken the phone and begins emptying his pockets to prove himself.

But he is left at a loss for words and ends up grasping at straws when Li finds the device ringing inside his left sock.

The officer answers the phone and speaks to Wang’s husband, who confirms they are on the train.

Ke changes his story to claim he had “found” the phone, which is quickly identified by Wang as her Vivo X21.

Wang said she purchased the phone for 2,799 RMB (320 GBP) in 2018.

Li placed Ke under arrest and handed him over to authorities at the next station in Wuhan, capital of Central China’s Hubei Province.

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