Stepdad Gives Meth To Toddler To Sexually Abuse Him For Days Before Beating Him To Death

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Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A stepfather is on trial in Germany for giving crystal meth to a toddler to sexually abuse him over several days before beating him to death.

The stepfather, identified as 30-year-old Dennis Kunert due to local privacy laws, allegedly gave the young victim, named as Tim, 2, a dose of crystal meth that was five times higher than would have been safe for an adult.

The autopsy said the level found in the baby’s body was 3,700 nanogrammes of methamphetamine per litre of blood.


In order to cover up the sexual abuse, which he also filmed for his own pleasure later, he then beat the baby to death, according to reports.

The stepfather has now appeared at the court in Halle over the killing that took place at the family home in the town of Querfurt in the German province of Saxony-Anhalt.

Also charged is the baby’s mother, identified as 36-year-old Uta F., who is accused of doing nothing to prevent the abuse of her two-year-old son Tim.


She was in tears as she was brought into the dock and claimed she did not realise what her partner had done.

The court heard that she had met the man only a few months previously.

The court heard that he “beat the child continuously until it was no longer moving and showed no signs of life. He then placed the child in its crib and left it there”.


Prosecutor Hendrik Weber said the motive was pure sadism and a desire to carry out sexual abuse on the helpless child that took place over a period of days, all documented in the charge sheet.

The child reportedly suffered massive head and internal injuries, including broken ribs, and was found dead the next day by his mother.

The prosecutor described the attack as “excessively brutal” and said that when police were called he was lying on the bed still sleeping off the alcohol he drank the previous day.


German RTL court reporter Frank Vacik, who has worked in the business for a decade, wrote: “I have never seen such a shocking charge sheet. I was really horrified by the contents.

“Such perverse fantasies as detailed here cannot even be imagined. What this little boy must have gone through is simply not comprehensible.”

Tim’s biological father was also present in the court.


The case continues and both have pleaded not guilty.

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