Steamy Ex-Bachelorette And Reality TV Star Slammed As Bad Mum After Posing Nude

This steamy ex-bachelorette and reality TV star has been trash talked by followers who have called her a bad mum after she posted a nude photograph of herself in bed on Instagram.

Jessica Paszka, 31, became a mum in May when she gave birth to a baby girl in Ibiza called Hailey-Su with her fiance Johannes Haller, 33.

The German former Bachelorette’s followers reportedly trolled her saying that she only wanted a baby to use it as a status symbol, as the couple had not been together for long before she became pregnant.

Jessica Paszka in a photo, naked in the bed. (@jessica_paszka_/Newsflash)

Jessica told RTL: “That really hurt, I honestly admit. That was a comment that you really don’t want to read as a pregnant woman.”

Trolls also said that the reality TV star had got married just to avoid taxes. Johannes said: “It’s definitely an advantage”. He added: “We just wanted to start the new year together as a family.”

The influencer has now been trolled for sharing a photograph of her seemingly naked while lying in bed, with her lower half covered by a strategically placed duvet. She captioned the photo: “MOM needs to catch up on sleep. Happy 2nd Advent.”

Jessica Paszka (31), the former ‘Bachelorette’ and German reality star. ( @jessica_paszka_/Newsflash)

Some of her followers were appreciative of the photograph but others reportedly slammed her, with one saying: “And all of that for likes? Hm”.

While another said that she was “screaming for attention”.

And others had a problem with the young mum showing a naked body, with one netizen saying: “No matter what kind of body you have, you don’t have to present yourself that way.”