Static Electricity Sets Car Petrol Tank Ablaze

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This is the moment a driver accidentally sets fire to his fuel tank at a petrol station when a static shock from his clothing ignites the petrol inside.

Footage from Alxa League in China’s northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region shows the motorist’s passengers quickly evacuating from his SUV when the incident happens on 27th March.

CCTV video from the petrol station shows the driver standing next to his parked car as the filling attendant pulls out the nozzle and returns the hose to the pump nearby.


As he reaches over to screw the fuel cap back on, he suddenly jumps away in shock as a small fireball appears in his full tank.

The female petrol station attendant grabs a fire extinguisher and the three people quickly get out the car before she sprays the fuel tank, reportedly dousing the flame in 26 seconds.

According to the local fire service, the scare was caused by the driver’s clothing, which produced static electricity and ignited petrol fumes.

The quick-thinking petrol attendant ensured that all people in the vicinity were evacuated and pumps were turned off.

No one was harmed during the freak accident, the fire service said.

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