Starving Captive Dog With Worms In His Ears Has Died

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Picture Credit: CEN/@huellassalvadas

This abandoned dog that battled for life after being locked up without food to the point of starvation and that had worms eating its ears has died.

The seven-year-old mastiff named Ragnar was found by an unnamed local resident in the city of Elche in the south-eastern Spanish province of Alicante outside the offices of a cleaning company.

The pooch weighed just 18 kilogrammes (40 lbs) when it should normally be around 60 kilogrammes (132 lbs).

The mastiff was not only starving but also had an abscess in its ear where worms were living.

Video Credit: CEN/@huellassalvadas

A spokesperson for the animal protection organisation Huellas Salvadas (Saved Fingerprints), who has been caring for the dog, has confirmed that Ragnar has died.

Local police are trying to identify the dog’s owner, and the vets who treated the animal believe he had been kept locked up in a field or in a warehouse.

The investigation is ongoing.

Ragnar’s death has caused outrage among netizens and animal rights activists, with ‘Chuchesalicante’ commenting: “This hurts a lot! Yesterday he seemed to be getting better.

Picture Credit: CEN/@huellassalvadas

“I hope they catch the culprits and they are made to pay for what they did. Justice for animals.”

‘NuevaVidaAdop’ said: “I feel pain and anger, but especially pain. I hope the dog’s murderer is found. Karma will put him in his place.

“Well done to the NGO for trying, but it was hard repairing so much damage. Rest in peace and fly free of pain, little angel.”

‘Eugenia2068’ wrote: “I hope justice is swift for whoever did this to you. Now fly high and be happy.”

Video Credit: CEN/@huellassalvadas

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