Starbucks Offers Coffee Made With Sweet Potato Chips

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Starbucks in Japan have unveiled a limited edition coffee that includes fried sweet potato chips.

The limited edition “Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccino”, as well as the “Sweet Potato Gold Macchiato” are only offered to customers of the coffee chain in Japan, which described it as a special autumn offer.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

In fact the sweet potato drink got the gold tag because of the colour of the potato and the colour of autumn.

According to the company, the drink is flavoured with strips of sweet potato which are cut and fried to create what are known locally as ‘imo kenpi’, which look like chips, although they are harder, as well as sweeter.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Local media described the Frappuccino, which is served cold, as coming in creamy milk blended with a Japanese syrup from a sweet potato and large amounts of crunchy imo kenpi.

In contrast, the “Sweet Potato Gold Macchiato”, which is the hot version, is made with steamed, frothy milk and an espresso, and has been described as being somewhat like “Caramel Macchiato”.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Both drinks retail at the price of 580 JPY (4.34 GBP) for a tall and will be on sale until 10th October, according to local media.

Although known as a sweet potato, ‘imo kenpi’ does not technically belong to the potato family, and the tubers it produces, which are either orange or a pale yellow, have a creamy texture. In America, they are known as Yams.

They originate in the Americas and have fast become one of the most popular street foods in Asia, typically in China where they are served in everything from sweet dishes to savoury ones. Until now, however, coffee has not been the traditional base for a sweet potato offering.

In Japan kenpi are sold as a snack in almost all super markets and convenience stores.

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