Spooky Casper Ghost Calls For Dad In Tube Station

Story By: Angjela Trajkovska, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the chilling moment a suspected ‘Casper’ ghost boy calls out for his dad in a deserted tube station as a baffled worker tries to find where the spooky cries are coming from.

The incident took place at the Zaragoza metro station in the city of Monterrey in the north-eastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, and was filmed by a witness who was also trying to find the mysterious boy.

In the footage, a tube worker is seen walking through the station as a boy’s voice apparently shouts “papa (dad)”.

Picture Credits: CEN

He climbs a staircase to an upper floor and appears to be approaching where the louder shouts are coming from.

Meanwhile, the cameraman believes the boy is shouting from another floor and says “he is up there” to a friend before going off to investigate.

However, when he arrives on the floor, he finds it completely empty.

According to local media, some residents believe there is the restless ghost of a young boy who haunts the tube station.

Online commentators had a lot to say about the spooky clip. Netizen ‘Laura Soto’ commented: “That station always gives me the willies. The hallways are too long and empty.”

‘Yuriko Jazminn Cortes De Ubaldo’ added: “How scary! My God, have mercy on his soul.”

‘Angel Ojeda’ wrote: “It is just his son waiting for him upstairs!”