SPI-DUH MAN: Not So Amazing Cosplay Spider-Man Knocked Flat On First Day

This is the not-so-super moment the amazing Spider-Man gets floored on his first day at work while clinging to the side of a kids’ bus and getting decked by a lamppost.

The cosplay hero was, in real life, a children’s entertainer hired to entertain kids on the bus ride through the streets of Guaruja in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo on 16th December.

Video footage shows the stuntman hanging from the side of the brightly coloured vehicle with the partying kids inside.

But as he turns to wave at a car behind, his spidey senses fail to spot a wide pole coming up fast behind him.

Footage shows him smashing into it at 20mph, sending him flying from the side of the bus and crashing to the ground.

Spiderman hanging of bus, in Guaruja, Brazil, on Friday, Dec. 16, 2022. He hit a pole and fell off almost getting hit by the car following but was not injured. (CEN)

The company that organised the party, named Trenzinho Vermelho, said it was an “isolated incident”.

Since the crash, the would-be Spiderman had been given health and safety training sessions to encourage him to be more sensible in future.

Organisers said they had wanted to help the stuntman who told them he was homeless since losing his last job.

After a checkup in which he was given the all-clear, they allowed him to carry on working.

The wife of the company owner said: “He contacted us on the same day he was injured and claimed he had lots of experience working on similar buses and was given the job on that basis.”

Spiderman hanging of bus hits a pole , in Guaruja, Brazil, on Friday, Dec. 16, 2022. He fell off almost got hit by the car following but was not injured. (CEN)

She added: “Thank God it was just a scare and he is okay.”