SPECTACULAR FACE PLANT: Man Doing Handstand Fails To Realise Floor Is Slippery When Wet

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

A cleaner caused this fitness enthusiast to do a spectacular face plant after failing to put up a “slippery when wet” sign when mopping the floor at a gym.

The incident inside a gym in Quanzhou which is a prefecture-level port city on the north bank of the Jin River, beside the Taiwan Strait in China’s southern Fujian area was captured on CCTV.

The footage shows a fitness enthusiast named Mr Tian standing to one side and then moving to stand in his hands before slowly looking forward.

Man slips on wet floor and falls on face when walking upside down in gym in Quanzhou in China on 6th May 2022. (TZL_77777/AsiaWire)

Seconds later, a woman cleaner with a wet mop starts to clean the floor in front of him, and then takes the mop back to the bucket to rinse it.

The man on the handstand meanwhile who is not looking forward because of his acrobatics and may not even have seen the wet floor because of his position stops briefly, having maybe seen that it is damp, but then decides to go on.

There is no “slippery when wet” sign and he may not have realised the danger.

Woman mops the floor as man walks upside down in gym in Quanzhou in China on 6th May 2022. (TZL_77777/AsiaWire)

But as soon as his hands hit the wet patch, they slip out from underneath him and he slams down headfirst on the floor, bending his head at an awkward angle and smashing his earphones as they are squashed between his head and the floor as he falls.

Other people looked on curiously but nobody rushed to help him, and as for the cleaner who failed to put up a warning sign, she simply carried on mopping the floor as if nothing had happened.

It later emerged although the man’s face had been left swollen, he had no other injuries and he also said that one of his earphones had been broken in the incident that happened on 6th May and was only made public now.