Spectacular Alien Mother Ship Cloud Video In New Mexico

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorMichael LeidigAgencyNewsflash

Credit: Newsflash/@christianjoshua11

This supernatural looking video with spectacular colours has been posted online after it was filmed in New Mexico.

Instagram user christianjoshua11 who shared the clip with Newsflash posted it online with the message: “Filmed this beautiful Crimson mothership storm approaching Clovis.”

Clovis is the county seat of Curry County in New Mexico famous for being the first place to be settled by humans and the base from which they then spread across the New World.

The prehistoric Clovis Culture, noted for it’s distinct stone tools, first appeared in the area around 11,500–11,000 BC, and now it’s making the news after this spectacular alien-looking spacecraft cloud formation was spotted in the sky.

The camera starts at the edge of the “mothership” with the ominous dark blue-grey of the storm clouds fading into the brilliant orange and yellow of an under-cloud sunset.

The camera then pans across buildings focusing on what appears to be a huge rainstorm pouring down onto the centre of the town from dark black clouds at the centre of the “mothership”.

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