Sixth-Sense Sol Perez Sees Dead People In Visions

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Argentina’s sexiest weather girl Sol Perez has revealed that she can feel the presence of ghosts and even sees her dead grandmother hugging her in times of need.

The 26-year-old blonde bombshell, who boasts an army of 5.2 million Instagram followers, made the revelation on the TV show ‘Podemos Hablar’ (‘We Can Talk’).

Perez said: “When I was a girl, I don’t know, I felt there was something. I was sure there was a presence around. It was not always the same person or spirit.


“Once, when I was 14 or 15 years old, my mum’s friend died. At the same time I had started going to the gym and I suddenly stopped eating. I don’t know why, but I had a lot of problems with food.

“One night, I dreamt about my mum’s friend. She came to the gym bathroom, touched my neck and told me I was going to be sick.

“I didn’t understand what it was about and I woke up crying.

“That night, I Googled the disease she [the ghost] said and it turned out to be something that makes you not want to eat.”

According to the weather girl, paranormal experiences are a normal occurrence for her.

Perez explained: “It was always constant, I woke up every night around 4am with the feeling that someone was touching my legs.

“I couldn’t sleep and I had to leave the lights on.

“Nothing bad ever happened, but a lot of people told me that I’m psychic and that I should try to contact my grandmother, who had died in an accident.

“I decided not to do it because it is something I do not know about and it could turn out bad.”

However, Perez claims that her grandmother now “appears to me”.

She said: “I do know what is real and not, and this is not a dream.

“When I feel that something is about to happen or I’m very nervous, my nan appears in a vision and hugs me.”

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