Socialite Slammed For Calling Lockdown Workers Mo-Fos

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An online influencer who married a wealthy property developer has sparked outrage by calling workers carrying out essential roles during the COVID-19 lockdown “motherf*ckers”.

During the lockdown in the northern Philippine island of Luzon, which is where the capital Manila is located, Cat Arambulo caused anger when she filmed herself watching the news while criticising people were were not cooped-up in their plush homes like she was.

In the region, people who work in industries deemed necessary by the government can still carry out their roles. Residents can also leave their homes to buy food, medicines and other essentials.


However, news images of workers passing through an ID checkpoint in the country angered the wealthy influencer and socialite.

In the footage, Arambulo films her enormous TV screen as she says off-camera: “Why don’t you motherf*ckers just stay at home? Stay at home! Don’t you guys get it?

“You’re so stubborn! This is exactly why we need the military because you f**kers won’t stay at home!”


The incident sparked outrage, with netizens accusing the rich socialite of criticising hard-working citizens from the comfort of her ivory tower.

Arambulo promptly apologised for the video, writing: “Hey guys, I’m really, really sorry to have to take it out on social media, but that outburst was really a reflection of how I feel about people not listening to the government.

“At this point in time, like honestly, like people really have to lock down and contain the virus. I’m not saying and referring to the front-liners out there that need to get to work. But what I am saying the people that are stubborn, and not following.”


She later added: “I would like to apologise for being insensitive. I didn’t mean to undermine everyone, hurt and offend everyone.

“My apologies, too, to the names and brands who got affected. This was a hard lesson for me and I will use this to educate myself and strive to be better.”

However, netizen ‘Yilingtan’ commented: “This is Cat Arambulo. A rich, elite social influencer cursing at workers, daily-wage workers, no pay no work labourers, for going out to work or else their family will starve. Parasite isn’t just a movie, it’s our reality.”

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