Sniffer Dog Finds Fugitive Hiding In Bristol Cave

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, AgencyNewsflash

This is the moment a sniffer dog directs a cop to a woodland cave where a wanted fugitive is found hiding out – ironically with an old cassette tape by British rock group The Police among his few possessions.


The unnamed convict was found hiding out in Leigh Woods outside the city of Bristol on 12th October by a police dog called Jet.

Avon and Somerset Police said on Facebook: “Who’s a good boy? Why obviously PD Jet, for sniffing out a man wanted on recall to prison trying to evade capture by hiding in a woodland cave.

“The man is now back behind bars. Watch Jet find the sleepy crook in his handler’s body-worn video.”


In the footage, Jet the sniffer dog is seen leading a police officer to a cave where a man appears to be asleep on a makeshift mattress.

The cop introduces himself by saying: “Hello mate, police officer with a dog.”

He adds: “You’re wanted, mate!”


During the arrest, the police found a cassette of the greatest of the rock group The Police among the fugitive’s belongings.

In a tweet, the police dog unit described his choice of music as “very apt”.

The police did not say how long the fugitive has been missing for or what he was convicted of, however, they did confirm that he is now back behind bars.


Facebook user ‘Trina Curran’ commented: “Well done Jet and his handler.”

‘Anthony Cleaves’ said: “You best have fed him a steak!”

Another netizen joked: “Cassettes? How long has he been hiding in that cave!”

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