Snarling Monkey Tries To Bite Womans Head As She Feeds It

This is the shocking moment a monkey tries to bite a woman’s head as she feeds it fruit at a Chinese tourist spot.

The incident was filmed near the city of Chengdu in the Chinese province of Sichuan on 26th February.

According to the news site Baidu, the woman, name not reported, was holding a bag of goodies in one hand when she proffered a single fruit to the monkey.

Monkey tries to bite woman’s head in Chengdu, China. (qinqing789/AsiaWire)

However, the animal spotted the bag and grabbed it instead of the fruit in her outstretched hand.

When she moved the bag away from the monkey, it responded angrily and grabbed her head and tried to sink its fangs into her skull.

In the footage, the animal is seen taking the bag instead of the fruit and then grabbing her hair and jacket to attempt to bite her head.

Monkey tries to bite woman’s head in Chengdu, China. (qinqing789/AsiaWire)

However, she apparently moves away in time and the aggressive monkey ends up with a clump of hair in its mouth.

Initial reports said the incident took place at the Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot, however, a spokesperson said that they are aware of the video and that it took place some distance from the tourist spot on a public road.

The spokesperson said that there are warning signs in the scenic spot advising visitors to not approach wild monkeys and that feeding them is “strictly prohibited”, adding that they may attack people if “teased” with food.