SNAKES ALIVE: Shocked Locals Get Snake Falling From Tap As They Washed Hands

A Brazilian crowd got a shock when they filmed themselves using a brand-new water tap and a large snake came out of it as they washed their hands.

The footage showing the test operation of the new water pipe connected to a well was filmed in the municipality of Taua in the state of Ceara in north-eastern Brazil on 2nd December.

The council had funded the building of the new water well for the local community and people from the neighbourhood had come around as the water was switched on.

A woman filming, however, had started screaming in terror when the snake suddenly washed out with the jet of water as locals continued to wash their hands.

A snake comes out of the faucet during the opening of a well in Taua, Ceara, Brazil, Friday, Dec. 2, 2022. The snake scared the people around. (CEN)

The snake that was surprisingly still alive appears to have been as terrified as the locals, and quickly slithered away as people including the woman filming ran in the other direction.

It was not revealed what type of snake it was and whether it was venomous, but it is believed it was probably hiding in the pipe when it had been fitted and was then washed out by the water.