Smart-Clothes Monitor Kids Vital Signs If In Danger And Send Data To Parents

Story By: Basant EssamSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

Clothes that monitors children’s vital signs and raise the alarm if they are in difficulty – even sending audio and location details back to the parents – has been developed by a Moroccan electronics firm in the wake of a shocking local kidnapping.

The ‘smart shirts’ have sensors that can register fear or sense danger based on the wearer’s heartbeat and it also measures the levels of adrenaline, body temperature, and detects breathing difficulties.

The smart shirt has a small computer that analyses the data and is designed to call the parents through a phone app if the child is in danger.


The high-tech device can even switch on and start recording audio as well so parents can hear what might be going on when the alarm is raised.

The clothing line includes shirts and underwear and was developed by 26-year-old Moroccan inventor Anis Kirama who runs an electronics and technology firm in the Moroccan city of Casablanca.

Parents will not only be able to hear everything in the child’s immediate vicinity, but also know the exact location.


The idea of the anti-abduction smart shirt came to Anis after the tragic rape and murder of a child in Morocco last year.

Anis said: “I thought to myself, why don’t we use technology to protect children from harassment and assaults?”

According to him, the very existence of the smart shirt could prevent attacks on children because offenders would be more reluctant to act if the shirts end up being widely used.


He is aspiring to start manufacturing and distributing the smart shirt on an international level and with a reasonable price because he wants poor children to have access to it too.

Anis was passionate about innovation from a very young age and he has a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and a state engineer degree.

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