Slapping Champion Receives Taste Of His Own Medicine

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency:  Golder’s News And Sport 

Video Credit: Golders/@simakovsergey_

This is the moment a Russian slapping champion famed for his power is knocked out for the first time by his opponent’s first attempt.

The incident took place during an exhibition match on Youtube show Na Bochke (On Top Of A Barrel) where competitive slapping champion Vasily Kamotskiy, 29, squared off against Vyacheslav Zezulya.

The video shows the moment Kamotskiy stands ready to receive a slap as Zezulya warms up to deliver the blow.

Picture Credit: Golders/@simakovsergey_

After a few seconds of preparation, Zezulya slaps Kamotskiy so hard he goes down almost immediately as spectators can be heard shouting seemingly shocked at the knockout.

A man can be seen rushing to help Kamotskiy from falling to the floor while he holds himself on to the table that separates him from Zezulya.

Local media report the defeat marks Kamotskiy’s first-ever failure after he entered the sport by chance at a Siberian Power Show competition after someone pushed him to compete in it.

When describing the crowd’s reaction, ‘simakovsergey_’ wrote: “The entire hall was shocked. That was terrifying. This was his first defeat and I hope his last. He will return more powerful and stronger than before.”

After the fight, Kamotskiy, a farmer by trade, said he was ‘too nice’ to his opponent when slapping him the first time and did not use more than 25 per cent of his power on it.

Picture Credit: Golders/@simakovsergey_

When describing the slap, Kamotskiy said that Zezulya did not just slap him, but did a full-scale hook on him.

In a social media post, he wrote: “Today I had a minor nap (I was sort of sleepy today). This was supposed to happen at some point.

“I was the one saying that this will happen at some point anyway. There is nothing terrible about it. Everything is alright. I feel very well, everything is fine, no big deal.”

The winner of the competition reportedly received a prize of 200,000 RUB (2,383 GBP).

A slapping match consists of two opponents standing across from each other with a table between them.

The competitors go back and forth slapping each other until one is knocked out or gives up. There is also a referee that can call a technical knockout.

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