Amazing Moment Teen Skater Pirouettes In Living Room

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyNewsflash


This is the amazing moment a 13-year-old artistic roller blader contorts his body as he pirouettes rapidly in his living room to practice during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown.

Guillermo Gomez Correas cannot practice artistic roller skating outside during the lockdown so he decided to train at home in the city of Aranjuez, near Madrid, the Spanish capital, and shared clips of his stunning sessions online.

In the video, the youngster can be seen using a small piece of nylon provided by his sponsor Helya Skate to practice pirouettes in his living room.

The 13-year-old moves up and down with one of his legs perfectly straight as he spins before lifting one his feet up behind his head with incredible flexibility.


He then begins spinning quicker and quicker before coming to a stop as the clip ends.

His father Sergio Gomez, 42, who works as a croupier in a casino but is currently at home due to the lockdown, told Newsflash: “As we are used to seeing him and we believe it can be done by everybody, we are not surprised by his talents, but it seems he has a special skill.”

Youngster Guillermo told Newsflash that “we are training through Zoom, with the coach and the other kids connecting in order to train online”.

He told Newsflash he is missing training “because we do not have access to the right places and we could be doing the figures incorrectly, but we do not realise and it will be difficult to fix them later”.

As well as training at home, Guillermo, who is a two-time champion in the Community of Madrid and won the Internad Cup in 2019, is also practising in the car park of a local McDonald’s restaurant as it is shut in the lockdown.


The teen boy, whose idol is Russian figure skater Aliona Kostornaia as “she is amazing at doing triplets and expresses herself very well on the rink”, says he has been contacted by companies all around the world reportedly asking to cooperate with him after the video was widely spread on social media.

He says he would like to be in the Olympics someday but artistic rolling skating would need to be considered an Olympic sport first.

The youngster won the bronze medal at Spain’s national championships and other clips show him on his skates inside his garage and in a car park.