Six Cute Crime-Fighting Puppies Join Police Force

Story ByAngjela TrajkovskaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

These are the adorable puppies set to fight crime in the cutest way possible after becoming the latest members of Peru’s police force.

The puppies’ parents, a female Doberman and a male Rottweiler called Hachi, are both members of the Canine Brigade in the district of Santiago de Surco in the capital city of Lima in Peru.

Their six cute puppies, three male and three female. have now been born and will reportedly join the Public Safety Management unit in the district.

Pictures Credit: CEN/MuniSurco

Local media report dogs in the police force are usually donated so it is a special event to have six new recruits born into the force.

However, the situation has been reportedly difficult for the new mother named Kira as dad Hachi did not recognise their puppies.

Local veterinarian Pedro Samos said: “Kira went crazy over 20 rottweilers we have. She is a first-time mother. We did not know how she would react to the puppies. She gave birth to three females and three males.”

The puppies have big shoes to fill as their dad, who weighs 50 kilogrammes (110 lbs), reportedly helped detain a criminal by knocking him off a motorbike, leaving him on the ground for officers to make an arrest in 2017.

Netizen ‘Sandy Sandy’ commented: “Take care of them a lot. They are beautiful and need a lot of care.”

And ‘Yovana Caso’ added: “Beautiful things.”