SINGLES CHAMP: Boris Beckers Solo VIP Cell: Thats Very Important Prisoner

Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

Disgraced former tennis ace Boris Becker has been transferred to the VIP wing of HMP Wandsworth after moaning about the cramped conditions in his cell.

Becker, 54, has apparently been fast-tracked from Block E of HMP Wandsworth to his own cell in the Trinity Wing after complaining of claustrophobia.

A standard cell measure six square metres and Boris has found the basic conditions and grim prison food an eye-opener.

The German tennis star Boris Becker will allegedly continue to work as a tennis expert and will comment on tennis from prison in London. (Newsflash)

But Trinity Wing is said to be the prison’s most comfortable, with more relaxed rules and greater freedom for the inmates.

Journalist and filmmaker Chris Atkins, who did time in HMP Wandsworth for tax fraud, told German media: “Prisoners wait months and even years to get into this part!

“Trinity has a somewhat more relaxed supervision, here prisoners have more opportunities to leave their cells.

The daughter of the tennis legend Becker, Anna Ermankova, posing in a bikini.(@annaermakova1/Newsflash)

“For example, to work, continue your education, play sports and socialise.”

Becker – imprisoned last month (29th April) after bring found guilty of hiding assets in a bankruptcy case – may now be working, according to Atkins.

The British journalist said: “I’ve done seven jobs at Trinity.

The daughter of the tennis legend Becker, Anna Ermankova, posing. (@annaermakova1/Newsflash)

“This included running the cash register, handing out slips of paper with visitor information, and handing them out in the canteen.

“You can also work in the food service, in the library and in the laundry service. I also helped out in the education department.”

Despite his short stint behind bars so far, Becker is believed to have been upgraded from ‘standard’ level – which every newcomer enters the prison at – to ‘IEP’ (Incentives and Earned Privileges) level.

The daughter of the tennis legend Becker, Anna Ermankova, wearing red lipstick. (@annaermakova1/Newsflash)

This has apparently improved his prospects in prison and facilitated his transfer to the more comfortable wing.

It was recently reported that Becker was teaching English to foreign prisoners, despite having used an interpreter in court.