Singer Visits Stars Miracle Grave For Boob Op Blessing

Story By: Anna Guran, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency:Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/@kravetsalena

A sexy Russian singer has been slammed for these apparently staged pictures showing her visiting her dead pal’s ‘healing’ grave for “support and protection” ahead of her boob job.

These apparently staged pictures have been widely condemned by netizens and by local media causing singer Alena Kravets to take them down amidst the outrage.

Singer and actress Yulia Nachalova died of a cerebral oedema and sepsis aged 38 earlier this year. Her funeral took place at the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery in the western Russian capital Moscow on 21st March.

Picture Credit: CEN/@kravetsalena

Her friend Kravets recently posed for snaps at the dead singer’s grave and shared them on Instagram for her 500,000 followers.

According to reports, after Nachalova’s funeral, fans began to visit her grave and claimed that the dead star is able to perform miracles.

Pilgrims to the cemetery say that her grave can heal serious ailments and conditions after the affected person pours holy water on it

Picture Credit: CEN/@dnipru

Fellow pop star Kravets also believed that her old friend’s remains have supernatural properties, and she recently visited the site with a bouquet of flowers to ask for help ahead of her planned boob job.

Kravets said: “I often crossed paths with Yulia at various events and shoots and we used to laugh a lot. I still cannot believe that she is not here. It feels like a nightmare.”

The 34-year-old blonde admitted that she had an ulterior motive for visiting her old friend’s grave, she wanted to ask for “support and protection” ahead of her plastic surgery.

Picture Credit: CEN/@dnipru

Kravets wrote on social media: “I want a boob job and my doctor said that implants are potentially dangerous and can cause cancer, sometimes leading to death.

“I know that miracles happen at Yulia’s grave. People suffering with sepsis, diabetes, etc, come here to ask for help as well as those who have decided to undergo plastic surgery.

“Therefore, I came to ask for support and protection.”

Netizens have overwhelmingly slammed her for the pictures, with ‘Vladlena Rotaru’ saying: “Alena, why are you taking photographs in the church? And why are you posting them to the general public? After all, this is about communion with God! Prayer in the church is a quiet and personal thing.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@julianachalova

And ‘Alisa Morga’ said: “What’s the show? Why brag about it? You could just go and pray.”

While ‘Marina Crivova’ said: “Let’s go to the church, let’s take 1001 photos so that people see that I believe in God, and then let’s go home.”

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