Singer Punched By Homeless Boxer In Insta Video

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Video Credit: CEN/@rafarecoditos

This is the moment a popular Mexican singer is punched in the back of the neck by a reportedly homeless former boxer whilst recording a video for Instagram.

Rafael Gonzalez, 23, singer for the band Los Recoditos, shared the clip of him being punched in the neck as he was singing on the seaside streets of Mazatlan, in the western Mexican state of Sinaloa.

In the video, he can be seen walking down the street when he begins singing the song ‘Es Bonito’ (It Is Beautiful).

A man then runs up behind him and punches him in the back of the neck as the camera is seemingly sent tumbling.

Picture Credit: CEN/@rafarecoditos

The video of the attack was shared with the message saying “I was beaten by a homeless man, I do not know why, but he is sleeping now behind bars, he earned his food inside.

“Take care of the homeless people you do not know how many things and how much abuse is in their minds. God bless him but for now, he is sleeping behind bars and they will give my friend the puncher his food.”

The singer told reporters he had seen the homeless man in the street and added “I would have never imagined that this friend, in his mood, punched me in the neck”.

The singer said the area where he had been punched was still swollen.

Reports stated the attacker has a former boxer but his name was not revealed.

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