Singer Escapes Bad Weather To Post Steamy Snap On Hols

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It may be freezing rain in her Ukrainian homeland but it is not affecting singer NK as she poses completely nude for fans during a holiday in Mexico.

The famous singer, Anastasiya ‘NK’ Kamenskykh, shared the steamy snap during her latest holiday posing where she was completely nude in front of a mirror.

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She said: “Being a woman is not only pretty make-up, perfect manicure, stylish look and hairstyle.

“A woman is all about feelings, emotions, energy that shines when you get in touch with her. Being a woman means uniting with nature.

“Sometimes you have to stay alone with yourself, your feelings and your body, in order to hear your inner voice. Listen to yourself so you can hear your inner world.”

Picture Credit: CEN

Netizens were amused by the beautiful snap.

‘tigritsa1966’ said: “So beautiful, both this photo and your body. Bravo!”

While ‘burd.tanya’ added: “I love everything about it, really pretty female body.”

And ‘strimere2019’ just added: “Wooow!”

‘tetian91’ commented: “So hot!”

Earlier this year Kamenskikh revealed that she cannot get enough of her long-time recording partner and husband and the lovebirds still “snog at the supermarket cheese counter”.

Picture Credit: CEN/@kamenskux

Anastasiya ‘NK’ Kamenskykh said that her partner Oleksii ‘Potap’ Potapenko, 38, is a match made in heaven because they are both passionate lovers.

NK was being interviewed on the talk show ‘High Life’ when she revealed that their love life has never dwindled despite their hectic careers and recent marriage.

The 32-year-old brunette said: “There is no difference to being Potap’s wife now than there was when we just lived together.

“Today, for example, we were in the supermarket and we suddenly just started kissing passionately. We did not see each other for a week and like two fools we started snogging at the cheese counter.

“People just gawped at us, it is strange for them.”

NK and Potap, who have been recording together since 2006, reportedly kept their love affair secret for the first five years. They got married in May this year.

Before they became lovers, Potap revealed that he wanted to be with NK: “It was clear that we liked each other and I really wanted to be with her earlier, but I had a wife and children, work commitments, etc.”

He divorced his wife Iryna Gorovaya in 2014.

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