White BLM Protestor Attacks Black Man For Removing Signs

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News


This is the startling moment an aggressive white Black Lives Matter protestor attacks a black man for taking down placards from protestors on a school fence in a foul-mouthed rant.

The shocking scene was recorded in the city of Visalia in California where Black Lives Matter posters and signs had been placed on the fence of the El Diamante High School, mostly created by the pupils.

In the video, a black man can be seen ripping down the signs, saying he’s “tired of seeing them on the fence”.

A car drives past with the driver beeping their horn, prompting him to say that “everyone agrees” with him removing the signs.

However, a young white man then comes sprinting towards the black man and attempts to tackle him.

The aggressor just misses with the tackle, skidding across the ground himself before springing to his feet.

The black man tells him to “relax” but the aggressor shouts back at him “don’t tear that sh*t down, bro.”

The aggressor then begins shouting in the man’s face to “get the f*ck out of here” as a friend stands with him in a threatening manner.

The aggressor snatches the man’s sunglasses and then begins aggressively bumping into the black man’s body whilst screaming “get the f*ck out of here, this is my f*cking block”.

The victim then begins walking away, but when the aggressor threatens to “break” his face, he turns and the aggressor then gets into a bizarre fighting stance.

The black man then walks towards his car where his children are, telling the aggressor he is “tired of seeing” the posters, with the white man shouting back: “Worry about you and your family, stay the f*ck out of it. Let me catch you here again bro it won’t be pretty in front of your kids.”

The aggressor then calls the victim a “b*tch” and a “pussy” as he drives away.

The bizarre scene of a white BLM protestor berating a black man caused widespread condemnation on social media, with ‘Satch Chikhlia’ writing: “Black dude is assaulted by a white guy, but that racism is fine because the white guy is “democrat”? I don’t understand this world anymore…”

‘Yawgmothx’ added: “Now that’s white privilege.”

‘Victoria Cooper’ wrote: “Gotta give the Big Guy props for his awesome restraint.
I’m sure there’s more than enough evidence here on this video to convict this punk for assault, theft, & terroristic threatening.”


Local media report the signs had caused controversy and Visalia Unified School District said in a statement on Monday that all signs will be removed by 3rd July, adding that “no new signs, posters, or personal messages will be allowed on any District and school building, fence, or other District property accessible to the public without authorised approval from District or site personnel.

“What started as student-initiated and student-led expression has now led to multiple disruptive incidents causing concern regarding student safety and potential damage to the district’s property.”

A police report was supposedly taken during the incident and the case is being actively investigated, according to local media quoting Visalia police Sergeant Celeste Sanchez.

No arrests have been reported.