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Sick Woman Flies Into Rage And Stabs Neighbours Dog 23 Times

A woman in Brazil has been arrested for flying into a rage and stabbing this poor pooch 23 times.

The 33-year-old woman allegedly inflicted 23 stab wounds to the dog’s neck region in the neighbourhood of Baleia Verde in the Brazilian municipality of Sao Sebastiao on 2nd February.

The unnamed woman is said to be a neighbour of the dog’s owners.


She told the police she carried out the attack because she flew into a rage after the dog, called Chase, bit her 18-year-old son’s leg.

The dog’s owner and her daughter are said to have witnessed the violent act.

The heavily bleeding pooch was rushed to a veterinary clinic where it received a number of stitches. It is currently recovering from the vicious attack and requires a lot of care.


Footage of Chase before and after the treatment was posted to Instagram by politician and animal-rights activist Bruno Ganem, 34, who hailed the dog’s ongoing recovery as a “miracle”.

The perpetrator, who works as a maid, is said to be “very sorry” for her actions and is willing to face punishment.

Animal cruelty has been a crime in Brazil since 1924 and President Jair Bolsonaro passed a law September last year increasing the punishment for animal abuse.


As such, the woman could face between two and five years in prison, a fine, and a ban on keeping pets.

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