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SHOTS FIRED: High Speed Chase Of Cop Killer Who Fled With Motor Boat In Tow

This footage shows police going in a high-speed pursuit of a man who had allegedly shot and killed an officer who was serving him an eviction notice.

The suspect, 35-year-old Benjamin Plank, was reportedly visited by two Oklahoma City Police deputies, Sargeant Bobby Swartz and Deputy Mark Johns, who were trying to evict him and had shot them with a rifle.

Deputy Mark Johns was reportedly taken to hospital for treatment and Sargent Bobby Swartz was later pronounced deceased.

The police officer shoots the suspect in Oklahoma City in the USA on 22 August 2022. (Oklahoma City Police Department/Newsflash)

Other police officers soon responded to reports of multiple gunshots in the area and found the suspect attempting to flee in a grey truck trailering a boat.

Body-worn camera footage shows suspect Plank speeding on the Interstate 35 motorway trying to escape and then starting to shoot at the police cars that are chasing after him.

Two involved officers were able to return fire towards the suspect.

The suspect can be seen driving a little while longer before throwing the rifle out of the car window and exiting his vehicle to surrender.

Officers were quick to apprehend Plank, after which he was reportedly taken to an area hospital to be checked for injuries and booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on a multitude of charges including first-degree murder.

Following the aftermath, the Sherriff’s Office shared their deepest condolences to the families of the deputies as well as the community of Oklahoma County.

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