Shoe-Mad Mum Smashes Toddlers Head-In With Stiletto

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This is the innocent two-year-old cops believe had her skull smashed in by her footwear-obsessed mother who said “she is where she belongs” after the killing.

The shocking details were shared in the indictment which has been filed against Nigerian migrant Labake M., who is suspected of killing her two-year-old daughter Destiny in December last year in the western German city of Cologne.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, one day prior to the girl’s death, neighbours noticed the mother acting strangely.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/Google Maps

They reported that she sat on the balcony of the refugee accommodation singing African songs loudly.

She also shouted “Oh God” multiple times and started throwing dolls out of the window.

On the fateful night, residents reported hearing shrill cries coming from Labake M.’s accommodation.

Later that night, the defendant called on her ex-boyfriend, who was Destiny’s father, in a confused state and the unnamed man phoned the emergency services.

She told him that Destiny was dead, allegedly saying “she is where she belongs”.

According to local media, police officers on the scene where shocked by what they discovered.

They reportedly found little Destiny with her skull smashed in with a stiletto shoe.

According to investigators, the toddler’s mother hit her with the high-heel shoe for so long that she finally died of a traumatic brain injury.

Police said that the defendant had a love of high-heel shoes as they found countless pairs of stilettos stacked up all over her flat.

Labake M. arrived in Germany in 2015 after being trafficked from Libya to Italy, and has since had her asylum application rejected by the German authorities.

According to local media, the child protection services were aware that Labake M. had psychiatric problems, habitually smoked cannabis and allegedly mistreated her daughter.

Labake M. is currently locked up in a psychiatric institute as police deem her a risk to society.

She will reportedly go on trial in July.

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