Shocking Pics Show Kids Feet Eaten By Pack Of Dogs

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Asia Wire Report


These horrific images show three dismembered child-sized feet found when locals went up to see what a pack of dogs were fighting over.

The shocking sight greeted people in a remote Sapangar Bay Container Port workshop in Kota Binabalu in Malaysia this week.

It was claimed that a man in a workshop spotted several dogs eating something that they had found nearby, and running around with some bones, on the morning of 23rd of February.


When he realised that it appeared to be children’s feet the man reported the case to the local police.

According to Kota Kinabalu district police chief ACP Habibi Majinji his office has sent a team to investigate and confirmed that “they found three decomposed human feet behind the workshop”.

Initial investigation confirmed that the feet had belonged to children, estimated to be aged between two to three years.

He added: “Further examination found no signs of any clean cuts, there were only marks believed to be animal bites.”

The police chief concluded “It’s still a mystery. It may belong to missing children or children that were buried. The dogs might have dug it up and brought it to this area.”

An investigation at the site has already been made and no other parts were found although it is unclear if the dogs might have already eaten some parts such as the bones that were reportedly seen.

The police urged people living in nearby areas who have missing children or had buried their children perhaps in an unofficial grave to contact the police.

Criminal Investigation Department, assisted by a forensic team, will continue the investigation to establish the identity of the victims.

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