Shock Moment Boy Slams Dog Against Concrete And Tortures It In Stream

This is the shocking moment a Lebanese boy slams a poor dog against the side of a stream before repeatedly punching, it while apparently trying to drown it in the water.

The incident was filmed in the district of Akkar in the northern Lebanese governorate of the same name on Saturday.

After the footage was widely shared on social media, the Akkar Agriculture Department coordinated with the local security forces to track down the boy.

According to reports, the authorities promptly detained the youngster and quizzed him at a local police station.

The boy told officers that the dog was actually still alive when he left, and officials went to the scene to find the pooch.

They found the abused dog alive and immediately took it to a veterinary clinic for medical care. There have been no further updates on its condition.

Meanwhile, the youngster has reportedly been charged with animal abuse.

In the shocking footage, the teen is seen slamming the dog against the concrete before throwing it in the water with a scream.

He hits the dogs face and slam-dunks it into the water several times before turning to the cameraperson to give a self-satisfied smile.

The poor pooch yelps as it is slammed against the concrete again, and then the thug starts stomping on its body in the water.

He apparently tries to repeatedly ram the animal’s head against the side before continuing to abuse the dog, at one point apparently holding it under the water for a spell.