Fighter Jet Contrails Resemble Shape Of P3nis In German Sky

Story By: Natasha Spasovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

This unusual arrangement of vapour trails left by fighter jets in the sky has been compared to the shape of a penis by stunned German residents.

The arrangement of contrails appeared in the sky on 18th November, and was visible from Germany’s Baden and Rhine-Main regions.

Two circles and a longer arc in the sky over the Ebersheim district. (Newsflash)

Due to their shape, the contrails consisted of two circles and a longer arc, sparking speculation among residents and netizens alike.

As it turns out, the contrails were created by two Bundeswehr fighter jets that had simulated an interception manoeuvre as a part of a training exercise.

According to a spokesman for the Bundeswehr Aviation Office, in such war games, aerial refuelling or tactical combat manoeuvres are practiced, and jets are required to follow certain movement patterns, which explains why nearly-identical contrail drawings were seen in the sky.