Sexy Weather Girl Kisses Trophy In Footy Shirt

Story By:Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Golder’s News & Sport Ltd

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Argentina’s sexiest weather girl Sol Perez has been snapped kissing the Copa Libertadores trophy dressed in the colours of her beloved River Plate.

The Copa Libertadores, an annual international club football competition organised by CONMEBOL since 1960, was won by River Plate in December 2018 in a heated two-leg final with Boca Juniors.

The return match between the Buenos Aires clubs was postponed twice after River fans attacked the Boca team bus, and the second leg was ultimately moved to Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the Spanish capital.

Perez recently went to see the trophy and dressed up in her River Plate shirt for the occasion.

In her social media snap, shared for her 3.9 million Instagram fans, the stunning weather girl is seen planting a smacker on the large trophy as she wears the famous white and red shirt.

She accompanied the photo with the message: “The most beautiful colours, the greatest team…”

In October last year, Perez admitted that she had a fling with River Plate midfielder Exequiel Palacios.

According to the stunning 25-year-old, she was seeing Palacios for a brief spell but discovered that he already had a girlfriend and another lover.

The curvy weather girl was left shell-shocked after learning of his alleged deceit.

However, she admits that she likes footballers because “they have a similar lifestyle to me”.

According to reports, Palacios was seeing the actress and singer Juliana Orellano at the same time as Perez and both women ended things with the River Plate midfielder when learning about the other.

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