Angry Woman Spanks Romping Couples Bare Bums In Bush

Story By: Sergiu NazaruSub Editor:  Michael LeidigAgency: Central European News


This is the moment a furious woman smacks the bare bums of a randy couple with a plank after catching them bonking in a bush.

The unusual incident was filmed in the city of Stavropol in the south-western Russian region of Stavropol Krai by a giggling neighbour in a nearby block of flats.

According to eyewitnesses, the outraged woman, known locally as ‘Lady Irina’, spotted the randy couple getting amorous in the bushes and armed herself with a short plank of wood to teach them a lesson.

In the video, two pairs of legs are seen poking out the bottom of a bush next to a pavement as Lady Irina approaches with a piece of wood in her hand.

While the man is still thrusting, the outraged woman smacks his bare bum with the plank and shouts at the randy couple.

She then wallops the woman’s thigh before continuing to berate the pair.

Before marching off with a scowl across her face, Lady Irina gives the couple a final whack with the plank which causes the man to yell out in pain.

The filming neighbour is heard laughing as the mean-looking woman walks away.


Family psychologist Natalya Panfilova told news site Vzglyad: “The woman’s reaction is clear, she is outraged by the situation so she grabbed the first thing at hand and spanked the couple like they were small children.

“It is possibly her reaction was caused by an ‘old school’ attitude.”

Netizen ‘Mr. Artful’ commented: “Lady Irina did the right thing!”

‘Maxim Antonov’ said: “I think she reacted appropriately.”

However, ‘Iprit Poleznyy’ wrote: “This old lady perfectly demonstrated the demographic crisis in the country.”

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