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Senior Students Force 77 Pupils To Eat Human Poo

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyAsia Wire Report

Two senior students at a Catholic school in Indonesia have been expelled for forcing 77 younger pupils to eat human poo.

The incident took place at the Mother of All Nations Catholic seminary school in the southern Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara when a group of senior students reportedly made 77 children, mostly 12 years old, to eat human faeces.

According to local media, an unnamed senior student found a plastic bag filled with pool in the year-seven students’ changing rooms.


He asked the younger students who put it there and when no one answered, he reportedly grabbed a spoon and force-fed the poo to the entire class.

One unnamed boy said: “We just gave in and accepted it. It was disgusting, but we weren’t able to resist.”

Reports said that the faeces belonged to a year-seven student who was unable to make it to the toilet in time and relieved himself in the plastic bag instead.


The senior students told the class to keep quiet about the incident, but one pupil ran home and told his parents who then complained to school heads, according to reports.

One boy called Arnold told local media that the older students had physically abused them in the past.

School head Father Deodatus Du’u said the seminary had issued an apology to the parents while confirming that both students responsible for the incident have been expelled.

However, he did also appear to justify their actions, saying: “The term ‘eat’ used by the media is inaccurate. What actually happened was one of the seniors touched the lips and tongues of the year-seven students with a faeces-filled spoon.”

Meanwhile, the commissioner of the Indonesian Children’s Protection Commission (KPAI), Retno Listyarti, suggested that the two students may even face legal trouble under child protection laws.

He told local media: “The KPAI expresses its concern for the 77 students who were forced to eat faeces.

“The KPAI urges the victims’ parents to make this a police matter.”

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