SEAS THE DAY: Whale Watchers Experience Rare Encounters With Marine Mammals

These images show ocean-loving tourists having close encounters with different dolphin species and humpback whales aboard a whale-watching tour boat.

Newsflash obtained the images from Evan Brodsky, 32, a marine life enthusiast who said they were recorded off Monterey Bay, California, USA.

Evan also works as a boat crew member for the Monterey Bay Whale Watch, spent his entire childhood on the ocean and says he loves filming the incredible ‘work meetings’.

Monterey Bay Whale Watch is a whale observing agency that provides tours focused on learning about whales and their environment.

One particular encounter with a group of killer whales which Evan refers to as “Louise’s Pod” in his video had “the whole boat in tears,” he said.

The boat was sitting completely still in neutral and the orcas approached it on their own, Evan explained, as the company would “never try and ‘force’ or ‘seek out’ a close encounter.”

This method often provides for peaceful, breath-taking encounters with wild marine animals that are “100 per cent their choice.”

And the second piece of footage shows a group of Risso’s dolphins coming in to greet curious watchers, led by all-white Casper who Evan says brings them joy and is a fan favourite.

A third piece of footage shows yet another rare experience for tourists – a stunning close-up of humpback whales doing a vertical lunge feed and feasting on some anchovies.

The whale observing agency which provides the tours is owned and operated by marine biologists.

Its main goals are the conservation of whale habitats as well as being respectful towards them as living beings.

Evan said: “Monterey Bay Whale Watch is the original company that invented whale watching, basically here in the west coast of California, if not the whole world.

“We are owned by Nancy Black, she is a world-renowned, whale and dolphin, specifically killer whale researcher.

“So we are a female-owned and operated whale-watching company, out of Monterey Bay, we are the only company where our tours are led by marine biologists, and we run trips every day.”