SEA-ING IS BELIEVING: Weird And Wonderful Sea Creatures Of The Deep

These remarkable images show the amazing array of bizarre creatures that lurk beneath the waters of Bali in Indonesia.

Maulyadi Salasanto – known online as Pelacak Alam – has racked up a stunning 101,000 followers on Instagram for his fascinating videos of weird and wonderful sea creatures.

Maulyadi lives in the tropical paradise and works as a content creator for a coffee shop.

He told Newsflash in an interview: “I recorded the videos in Bali around March to October.”

He named some of the animals that appear in his clips as “cowrie, cushion star, decorator crab, fireworm, cockatoo waspfish, moon snail, shame-faced crab, seahorse, blunt arm sea star, white-spotted hermit crab, brittle star, banded sea urchin, sea hare, stonefish, sand dollar, anemone hermit crab, [and] long-spined sea urchin”.

Maulyadi told Newsflash: “Some of those animals may look cute, but they can harm you. Some also have lethal venom.”

He offered the sage advice: “Don’t touch any sea animal if you don’t know what it is.”

On when he developed his passion for marine exploration, he replied: “Since I was a kid.”

Maulyadi continued: “I learned the hard way because of curiosity. Touching things I didn’t know, then getting injured.

“But now, since the internet, information is more accessible, and I can also share some of my experiences about sea creatures, not only their beauty, but also the danger, how to avoid them, and how to touch them in the safest way for the animal, according to my experiences.”