Scary Tired Mum Halloween Costume Created For Daughter

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An inventive mother has been praised for coming up with this ‘tired mum’ Halloween costume complete with a vomiting baby for her daughter as she did not have enough money for a new one.

Mother Ione Carvalho Gracia came up with the idea for the costume when her daughter Yasmin, 9, told her she wanted to take her doll with her to a ‘pre-Halloween’ party being held in a social project she attends every morning n the city of Bauru, in the south-eastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

The mother decided to come up with a ‘tired mum’ costume and the pictures show Yasmin holding a baby doll, wearing flip flops and a shirt dirtied with ‘vomit’ from the baby.

Picture Credit: CEN/Ione Carvalho

Gracia told reporters: “She wanted to take the doll to the project she is participating in, but it was not a day for toys, but a pre-Halloween day, and she had to wear a costume. She told me that she could take the doll if she was a mother… then I came up with the idea.

“I wanted something realistic, that was similar to what we have when we have a baby at home.”

Mother Gracia posted the pictures with the caption: “Pre-Halloween dance and Yasmin was dressed up as a mother. She has the outfit of a very busy mum, with leggings, a t-shirt, flip-flops and her hair tied up. Don’t forget the child’s bag, the nappy on one shoulder and the vomit on the other and the milk.”

The pictures were shared more than 21,000 times and received lots of comments, some of which criticised the pictures as unrealistic of motherhood.

However, Gracia told reporters: “If you are a mother and never got into this state, congratulations, but don’t come and cause problems with the post, did I say it refers to all mothers?”

She added: “This mum could be anyone, I did not say it is all mothers, it is only a child’s costume done by a mum on a low budget, do not make so much drama.”

Netizen ‘Vivian Jesus’ said: “This is the best costume ever”.

The mother said that the other children did not recognise her daughter’s costume, as they believed she was wearing a zombie costume. She added:“Only after seeing the doll they said that she was wearing a costume of a tired mum and she went into character, saying that Laura (the doll) did not stop crying the whole night and that she could not sleep that night.”

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