SCARE BNB: Shocked Couple Find Hidden Camera Pointed At Their Airbnb Bed

A horrified holiday couple have reported an Airbnb owner to police after finding a hidden camera focused on their bed.

Same-sex partners Ana Lucia Bezerra and Julia Stoppa from Goiania had booked the beachside apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, through the property share firm.

But after finding the hidden camera in a wardrobe facing their double bed, they went to police.

Tattooist Julia told local media: “I looked at a wardrobe that was above the entrance to the room and I saw a gleam.

Picture shows the couple from Goiania, Brazil, Julia Stoppa (left) and Ana Lucia Bezerra (right), undated. They found the hidden at an Airbnb in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (CEN)

“When I saw the gleam, I said, ‘Love, I think there’s a real camera’.

“Ana got very worried.

“I took a photo with flash with my mobile phone and a bright glow appeared that really looked like a camera lens.”

The couple filmed the moment they managed to unscrew the compartment where the camera was hidden.

One could be heard saying: “Look here. Camera. Camera. Pointed towards what? Double bed. Camera in Airbnb in Copacabana. Expensive Airbnb. Next to the beach.”

As well as reporting the incident to police, the couple reported the property owner to Airbnb.

Picture shows hidden camera facing the bed found at an Airbnb in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, undated. A couple from Goiania, Brazil, Ana Lucia Bezerra and Julia Stoppa found the camera during their holiday. (CEN)

Local media did not report his name but said he was a foreign national.

Ana told local media: “The guy’s a gringo. He’s French. He must understand that there’s justice in Brazil. This is serious. It’s a crime.

“There’s no way he will be able to allege that the camera was for security because it was pointed towards the double bed.”

Civil Police are investigating the case.