Samuel Etoo Forced To Pay 1,200 GBP A Month To Lovechild

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Barcelona legend Samuel Eto’o has been ordered to pay 1,400 EUR every month in alimony to his alleged lovechild daughter.

The sentencing comes after a trial was carried out last week in the Spanish capital, Madrid, in which the football star’s alleged daughter, Erika do Rosario, 19, initially asked for 5,000 EUR (4,500 GBP) a month in alimony. 

Spanish media outlet Libertad Digital report the sentence reads: “…the defendant must pay the plaintiff a quantity of 1,400 EUR (1,266 GBP) in alimony in the first five days of each month in a bank account designated by the plaintiff, the quantity will be reviewed every 1st January…”

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Erika do Rosario claims that her mother, Adilense do Rosario, and the football star met in a nightclub in Madrid in 1997 when the Cameroon icon played for Leganes on-loan from Real Madrid. She also claims that she has evidence to prove the veracity of her claims.

Fernando Osuna, Erika’s representative, argued that the 19-year-old Educational Sciences student does not have the proper means to survive as her mother, Adilense do Rosario, is unemployed.

A paternity test will reportedly be carried out in October or November, but no fixed date has been set as of yet. The sum awarded by the judge is a precautionary measure until the case is concluded.

If Erika do Rosario’s claims are true, she will be the fifth confirmed child of the former Barcelona and Chelsea striker.

Eto’o, 38, currently plays for Qatar SC.

This is the moment a motorbike taxi driver comes to the rescue of a young woman who is being choked by a male attacker before the victim jumps into his vehicle and they drive off together.

The incident took place in the city of Toluca in the state of Mexico in central Mexico and was recorded by the CCTV camera of a house at around 9 pm.

In the video, a young woman, who has not been named in reports, can be seen walking down a quiet road when a man on the other side of the street begins walking towards her.

He then faces up to the woman and marches towards her as she takes steps backwards. The burly attacker then grabs hold of the young woman as a motorbike taxi rider comes to a halt in front of them.

The attacker appears to grab the woman by the neck and drag her behind the vehicle but the taxi driver then steps off the motorbike.

The attacker then lets the woman go and she sprints into the carriage of the taxi as her aggressor walks off.

The taxi driver then slowly pulls away, looking behind him in the direction the attacker fled in.

It is unknown if the victim reported the aggression to the local authorities or if the suspect has been found. No motive for the attack has been provided and it is unclear if it was an attempted robbery or sexual assault.

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