Sailors Use Old eBay Tech On Rusty Ukrainian Warship

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

Credit: CEN/Military television of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Navy has been ridiculed for this PR video showing military exercises on a rusting warship where sailors fire pistols instead of missiles and the navigator uses a radar so old it can be bought on eBay for 160 GBP.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence recently shared the video with training onboard the Donbass A500 military vessel in the Ukrainian waters in the Sea of Azov in the southern part of the country.

In the video, sailors can be seen performing the military exercises which included throwing hand grenades into the water to destroy a simulated target, and firing machine guns from the deck.

Picture Credit: CEN/Military television of Ukraine

New recruits can also be seen undergoing an initiation ceremony where they are made to drink cups of sea water whilst repeating “I am a sailor” three times whilst a simulated boarding operation can also be seen.

Netizens were quick to point out the rust seen on the ship whilst others noticed the outdated equipment being used.

‘Boris fon Bok’ said: “Is it a real fleet? Shame on you! Some other poorer countries have way betters ones.”

‘Mark Meskin’ noticed a cheap object on the vessel and wrote: “Oh my God! The ancient Raytheon radar they have on that vessel. It costs around 200 USD (160 GBP) on eBay. Shame on you for this and the rusty ship you are on.”

Picture Credit: CEN/Military television of Ukraine

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