Rwandan Woman Forms Throuple With Twin Brothers

A Rwandan woman who married twin brothers is expecting their first child together as the threesome soon becomes four.

Marie Josiane told Afrimax TV that she first went out with the eldest twin, name not reported, and did not know that he has an identical brother.

Having never seen the twins together, she unknowingly went up to her partner’s brother one day and planted a big smacker on his lips.

According to Lailasnews, the other brother soon became enamoured with his twin’s girlfriend and she decided to enter into a polyandrous relationship with the identical men.

She told Afrimax TV that they have been a ‘throuple’ for over two years and she is expecting their first child together. It is unclear if it is know which brother is the father.

According to local media, the young woman is now married to both Rwandan brothers.

Marie said the twins are not at all jealous about the situation and happily share the same wife without issue.

The brothers told local media that other villagers gossip about their unusual relationship, however, they pay them no mind because they are both happy with Marie.

The threesome also announced that they will soon become four as Marie is expecting their first child soon. Reports did not say how long the mum-to-be has been pregnant for.