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Russians Told To Sext Europe Men To Break Lockdown Blues

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

This curvy Russian influencer has told her female followers to start ‘sexting’ European men currently cooped up in their homes on dating apps as a way of breaking the COVID-19 lockdown blues.

Maria Arzamasova, a Russian influencer who specialises on sex and relationships, told fans to not get bored while isolated at home and to use the extra time to flirt with foreigners.

She said that Europe is currently paralysed by COVID-19 and people are already sick of watching films and reading books.


Arzamasova believes that dating apps and ‘sexting’ men could be a good way of distracting each other from the lockdown blues.

She said: “Just image all those Italians, Spaniards and Frenchmen sitting in their small, cramped flats. We should definitely reward ourselves with some vivid experiences.”

The curvy influencer told her followers to change their geolocation on social media and dating apps to Paris, for example, and to look for an online partner to flirt with during self-isolation.


Arzamasova told her Russian female followers to not worry about making the first move as it is considered normal in Europe.

She added: “You should make yourself open for chats from the very start, and please don’t bother with a stuffy ‘serious relationships only’ status.”

Netizen ‘Dima Vinogradov’ wrote: “I was doing this even before the lockdown started!”


‘Marina Kovtun’ said: “Well said!”

‘Prozerpina Pliushkina’ commented: “This is the best way to avoid watching soap operas and reading books.”

‘Sasha Zayka’ said: “Why would an influencer who posts creepy photos with vibrators and other sex toys be considered a sexologist and someone to educate others on relationships?”

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