Russian Thug Actor Claims Hes Greta Thunbergs Dad

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This Russian actor and musician has claimed that he is teenage environment activist Greta Thunberg’s biological dad – and he is willing to take a paternity test.

According to local media, 47-year-old Stanislav Baretsky from the north-western Russian city of Saint Petersburg, who is allegedly known for raiding brothels, beating up pimps and dragging sex workers around by their hair, believes Greta Thunberg is his daughter.

He said: “I am certain that she is my daughter. All the dates match.”

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Baretsky said he used to live with a Swedish woman in the late 1990s to early 2000s.

The actor said: “We had a really good time for two years. I was young and we had unprotected sex. She left for Sweden when she was already knocked up. She later called me to tell me she gave birth to a girl.”

According to the actor, sometime later the unnamed mother told him that the girl had been taken away from her and sent to live with another family.

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He said: “I think she split up with her partner and then went to work on the Swedish sex market.”

According to Baretsky, the mother recently called him out of the blue after many years to tell him that 16-year-old environment activist Greta Thunberg is his biological daughter.

He even plans to do a DNA test to prove his paternity.

Baretsky added: “I am thrilled by this story. I do not need money, I don’t need anything. I do not have children of my own.”

Video Credit: CEN

According to reports, Baretsky’s lawyer is currently collecting all the documents needed to start the process of verifying his paternity.

In May 2016, Baretsky was allegedly involved in an attack on a brothel in Saint Petersburg with several other men that resulted in his friend Viacheslav Datsik, 42, who calls himself Red Tarzan, being sentenced to serve three and a half years in a Russian penal colony.

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