Russian Singer Donated IVF Eggs So OnlyFans Owner Could Have A Child With His Husband Claim

Popular Russian singer Natasha Koroleva has admitted that she donated two of her IVF eggs with Russian media reporting they went to OnlyFans majority owner and American-Ukrainian billionaire Leonid Radvinsky so he could have a child with his husband.

She was allegedly given 50 bitcoin as a thank you for the donation.

Koroleva, 48, made the revelation on the NTV TV show “Secret in a Million”, saying that she became the biological mother of a girl two years ago after she apparently donated two of her four remaining eggs from IVF treatment to a friend who lives with his husband in San Francisco, in the US state of California.

Singer Natalia Vladimirovna Porivay known as Natasha Koroleva. (@koroleva__star/Newsflash)

This friend was reported by Russian media to be Leonid Radvinsky, 39, a Ukrainian-born American billionaire who is the majority owner of London based content subscription service OnlyFans, as well as other largely adult oriented online services including MyFreeCams, according to local media outlet Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Koroleva’s husband, Russian actor Sergei Glushko, was reportedly furious when he found out live on the air that his wife had donated one of her four remaining IVF treatment eggs, according to local media outlet Star Hit.

The child, who has not been named, is said to live in the United States with Radvinsky and his husband, also unnamed. The girl is very similar to the singer when she was around the same age, according to Koroleva.

Singer Natalia Vladimirovna Porivay known as Natasha Koroleva (left) in a photo with her husband Sergei Glushko (right). (@tarzan___official/Newsflash)

During her confession on the air, Koroleva said that she had met the child in Miami in January 2020, where she reportedly owns a flat, but that she had not told her husband Sergei Glushko at that point.

But during her live confession, she revealed that she was the biological mother of the child in front of her husband.

He was reportedly surprised and angry, exclaiming: “But you weren’t pregnant!”

Singer Natalia Vladimirovna Porivay known as Natasha Koroleva. (@koroleva__star/Newsflash)

He then reportedly began asking numerous questions, which Koroleva apparently did not want to answer publicly. He then reportedly tried to break props on the “Secret for a Million” show before being brought under control and taken out of the studio.

The man claimed to be the girl’s father, Radvinsky, allegedly gave her 50 bitcoin as a thank you gift, according to local media. At the time of writing, 50 bitcoin was worth approximately EUR 2 million (GBP 1.7 million).

Radvinsky became the majority shareholder of OnlyFans in 2018 when he bought a 75-percent stake in its parent company Fenix International Ltd. from Tim Stokely, its British founder. The platform boomed during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, making Radvinsky a billionaire.

Singer Natalia Vladimirovna Porivay known as Natasha Koroleva (right) in a photo with her husband Sergei Glushko (left). (@tarzan___official/Newsflash)

He is now worth USD 1.8 billion (GBP 1.3 billion), according to Forbes.

OnlyFans then increasingly focused on providing sexually explicit adult content. It recently announced that it was planning to remove all sexual content from its platform in a bid to make itself more attractive to banks before speedily reversing course when the decision was met with incredulity and outrage.

British newspaper The Guardian described Radvinsky in May 2021 as a “US-based online pornography veteran who largely chooses to avoid the media.”