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Russian OAP Creates Murals From Bottle Caps

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

This is the Russian pensioner who has decorated her house with murals made from hundreds of bottle caps which she collects from rubbish dumps.

Pensioner Nina Krinitsyna has become an online hit after snaps of her house decorated in the village of Makarye in Kotelnichsky district in western Russia’s Kirov Oblast the bottle caps were posted online.

In the images, the pensioner’s house can be seen covered in murals including a duck and two swans around a window.


Krinitsyna says the idea came to her in 2013 when she began taking an interest in murals and she decided to use bottle caps because of their low cost.

Local media report that the main difficulty in creating the murals is finding the many caps she needs for each work.

She said: “I am not going to hide the fact that I went to rubbish dumps as well to collect these caps. Some days I managed to collect 100 or 200 caps, other days I returned with barely ten caps in my hands. Some locals say an alcoholic lives in this house but you will not find a single cap from a wine bottle here.”


According to the pensioner, ideas for future murals are found and sent to her by her nephew who lives in another city. She first makes a sketch then prepares a wooden canvas.

After the images were shared on social media many netizens reportedly had the idea of collecting plastic bottle caps for Krinitsyna to continue creating her pieces of art.

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