Russian Influencer Loses Car In Frozen Lake During Skimpy Photoshoot

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

Russian Influencer Dina Saeva and friends had a narrow escape after one of the cars they were driving on Lake Baikal reportedly broke through the ice and vanished into the depths.

Fans of the Instagram star, who recently reconciled with her Muslim mum over her social media activities and who has over 6 million followers on the social media platform, joked that she obviously lost her clothing along with the car after she was snapped in the freezing cold of Russian winter with almost nothing on.

Dina, dubbed the Queen of Russian TikTok, has always ignored critics who point out that she shows too much of her figure and it has done nothing to slow down her popularity.


She seemed impervious to the cold as she posed in little or no clothing, leaving lots of open skin but later admitted that it had been a lot harder than it looked.

She said: “I’m proud of myself! We took a lot of photos; we worked until sunset. We are warming up now, but I’m freezing, my hands are still red, they are still trembling.”

She said it was also good news that nobody was hurt when the car disappeared even if it was a pity to have lost the vehicle. (


The 21-year-old moved from Tajikistan to Yekaterinburg with her parents and siblings, and her Muslim mum was not a fan of her activities on the Internet while other relatives cut off all contact with her.

More recently, the pair reunited with Dina even showing off her mum who continues to wear a niqab while appearing on camera with her daughter.

She said: “I would encourage other parents to believe in their children and let them express their creative nature on social networks. Today it really is possible to become famous and make money on the Internet. It is the dream of many.”


In the meantime, the family mortgage has been paid off, and her siblings are also getting support from the wealthy blogger.

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