Russian Hairdresser Wows With Incredible Hair Art

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

This Russian hairdresser has become an online sensation for her incredible hair art using anything from shells and driftwood to glass.

Daria Sevostyanova, 31, hails from the city of Novosibirsk in the south-central Russian region of the same name where she began to make hair art for her clients.

Daria told Newsflash in an exclusive interview that she dreamed of being a beautician from a young age and would often braid her dolls’ hair.


Daria said: “When I grew up, I decided that a more serious profession was needed in life, and even studied to become a public relations specialist.

“But I quit and went to study to be a hairdresser. I have been in the profession for 10 years. I am involved not only in art but in all types of hairdressing services.”

The idea to create hair masterpieces occurred to Daria while travelling with her husband in Europe, South America and Mexico.


She described being inspired by the diversity of cultures and architecture that she decided to move in a new direction of hairstyles and create art from improvised materials.

Daria said: “I learned on myself. I put a mirror in front of me, another behind me, and I began to create. One of the first hairstyles was a bun, which I decorated with a knitting pin.”

The hairdresser said she has used everything from glass, shells, driftwood, dried flowers, pins, and glitter to make her art pieces.


She said: “Clients usually ask for these hairstyles for a themed party, Halloween for example. And materials can be found in any store, even in flower shops, stalls with trinkets, or craft shops.”

Daria now lives in Moscow and has had her work published in Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Elle magazine.

In the future, she dreams of working at Fashion Week with world professionals and releasing her own hair care product.

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