Russian Ballet Group Perform Whilst Doing COVID Chores

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash


A famed Russian ballet group including the Bolshoi’s lead soloist have filmed themselves dancing while performing everyday tasks in their homes during coronavirus lockdown.

The dancers from the Mikhailovsky Theatre in the city of St Petersburg in the Leningrad Oblast of western Russia shared the video of them performing in their homes during Russia’s coronavirus lockdown.

Local media report famous dancer Ivan Vasiliev, 31, came up with the idea and he himself starred in the video alongside other members of the team.

In the clip, a Vasiliev can be seen cutting a doll’s hair when he turns to see lead soloist from Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre Maria Vinogradova in the kitchen on her tip toes as she takes a tub out of a cupboard.

Alexander Omar, 34, can then be using a towel instead of the cloak he would normally perform with while Valeria Zapasnikova drops a knife and dances around it, using a plate for the fan she normally brands on stage.

Swedish dancer Ella Persson is then seen performing with a broom in her living room before a pair of dancers can be seen in their garden in the snow, who one effortlessly carrying another in the air.


Vasiliev can then be seen performing around a roundabout, spinning and jumping before the dancers all bow to an imaginary crowd.

Local media report the dancers performed in their homes without music as they remember it so well and the theatre’s technicians then added the sound after they were recorded.

Vasiliev said the dancers wanted to show the public how much they miss the stage and reminded everyone to continue training despite being forced to stay home.

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