Russia Vending Machines Dish Out COVID-19 Survival Kits

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

Russian vending machines are now stocking these Coronavirus ‘survival kits’ which include toilet roll, garlic, buckwheat and a mask.

The kits are available in vending machines next to the city hall in the city of Sergiyev Posad in western Russia’s Moscow Oblast region.

A representative of the unnamed vending company stocking the kits said they decided to start selling them after noticing that the products they contain were selling in huge numbers in shops.


The kits, which cost 200 RUB (2.15 GBP), contain buckwheat, a roll of paper, soap, garlic and a medical mask.

The representative insisted the company was doing no harm nor breaking the law by selling the kits, adding: “Those who sell medical masks at 50 or even 100 times more expensive than the normal price are the ones to be sanctioned for taking advantage of COVID-19, not us.”

Reports state face masks are currently selling for around 100 RUB (1.1 GBP) in when the normal price before the COVID-19 breakout was reportedly up to 1 RUB (0.01 GBP).


Half of the products in the vending machines are targetted at children as they are located near a children’s playground.

The company are reportedly considering advertising the kits as ‘Apocalypse Kits’ but are yet to decide on this.

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