Russia Tycoon Builds Worlds 1st Private Icebreaker Ship

Story By: Sergiu NazaruSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

Shipbuilders have completed work on the world’s first private icebreaker ship for Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkoff that can be rented out by adventurers for a mere 740,000 EUR (666,000 GBP) per week.

The 77-metre (253-foot) long ship named La Datcha was launched by shipbuilding firm Damen Yachting and was commissioned by Tinkoff, 52, the founder and shareholder of Tinkoff Bank, according to online newspaper Lenta.

The icebreaker, used to navigate through ice-covered waters and provide safe waterways for other boats and ships, was launched in the port city of Vlissingen in the south-western Netherlands, and cost a reported 80 million GBP.


The ship is able to spend up to 40 days at open sea without returning to port due to its advanced fuel tank and waste disposal systems.

La Datcha also boasts a bathyscaphe deep-sea submarine, two helipads and snowmobiles.

Meanwhile, crew members can enjoy a sauna or visit the massage room or one of two onboard hot tubs.


Six cabins are complete with dressing room, toilet and a shower or bathtub.

The icebreaker, intended for travel to both poles as well as tropical regions, is designed to hold 24 crew members and 12 additional passengers.

Tinkoff told media company Yacht Harbour that the “world is so big and our life is so short that we need to explore as much as possible”.

The Russian billionaire plans to use the private icebreaker 20 days a year while renting it out for the remainder of the time for a reported 740,000 EUR (666,000 GBP) per week.


The oligarch, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year, has spent 100 million USD (79.1 million GBP) on the icebreaker’s construction, according to Lenta.

Oleg Tinkoff is a Russian entrepreneur and cycling sponsor with a net fortune of 1.2 billion USD (950 million GBP), according to Forbes in 2016.

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